Our Team

Ewan Ross

Specialist Physiotherapist

Meet Ewan Ross, the person behind ER Physiotherapy Aberdeen. With a degree in Physiotherapy from RGU, and qualifications in Sport and Clinical Psychology, he has lent his expertise to various sectors including orthopaedics, stroke rehabilitation, and musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy. Additionally, his involvement with sports teams across Aberdeen has further honed his skills in sports injuries.

Ewan’s dedication to continuous learning has lead him to qualifications in:

– Spinal manipulation
– Acupuncture
– Cupping
– Sports massage

He has also completed the esteemed ProSport Mentorship Program, solidifying his status as a leader in sports physiotherapy. Enabling him to provide elite level physiotherapy in Aberdeen.

His commitment to excellence has been recognised through numerous accolades, including the prestigious titles of:

– Best Specialist Physiotherapist Scotland East 2023
– Physiotherapy Practice of the Year Aberdeenshire 2023
– Physiotherapy Provider of the Year Aberdeenshire 2024

In 2021, Ewan founded ER Physiotherapy with a clear mission: to revolutionise the field, making it more effective and holistic. His vision extends beyond just treatment, aiming to make physiotherapy an essential component of enhancing life and achieving personal goals.

Ready to make a difference for yourself and start on your treatment and health journey? Book an appointment today with Ewan at ER Physiotherapy and make that commitment to your success.

Ewan Ross

Connor Hamilton

Specialist Physiotherapist

At ER Physiotherapy Aberdeen, our Chartered Physiotherapist, Connor Hamilton, holds a BSc (Hons) in Applied Sport and Exercise Science and an MSc in Physiotherapy. With a varied background in high-performance sport, public health, private practice, and the defence healthcare sector, Connor brings a wealth of experience to physiotherapy in Aberdeen.

Here’s what sets Connor apart:

Extensive Expertise: Connor’s journey as a physiotherapist has been diverse and dynamic, encompassing roles in high-performance sport, public health, private practice, and military healthcare. His comprehensive experience ensures a deep understanding of a wide range of conditions and treatment methodologies.

Advanced Qualifications: Connor holds additional qualifications in:

– Medical Acupuncture
– Strength and Conditioning
– Sports Taping

Military Experience: Connor’s experience in the defence healthcare sector has equipped him with unique insights and skills. Working with military personnel, he has honed his ability to manage acute injuries, rehabilitation, and long-term physical conditioning, making him exceptionally adept at handling high-stress and demanding environments.

Special Interest in Sports Performance: With a strong background in high-performance sport working with governing bodies such as Scottish Rugby, Aberdeen Football club and Scottish Cricket, Connor specialises in enhancing athletic performance. His expertise in strength and conditioning, combined with his physiotherapy skills, allows him to create tailored programmes that optimise athletes’ physical capabilities and prevent injuries.

Personalised Care: Connor is dedicated to understanding your individual needs and goals. He designs customised rehabilitation and performance enhancement plans to ensure you achieve your best, whether you’re an elite athlete, a military professional, or someone seeking to improve overall physical health.

Ready to elevate your physical performance and well-being? Contact ER Physiotherapy Aberdeen today to schedule an appointment with Connor Hamilton and experience the exceptional benefits of expert physiotherapy in Aberdeen!

Connor Hamilton

Erin Rafferty


Meet Erin, a dedicated physiotherapist in Aberdeen, passionate about optimising physical health and athletic performance. With a Master’s in Physiotherapy from Robert Gordon University and a Bachelor’s in Applied Sport and Exercise Science, Erin brings a wealth of expertise.

Her background encompasses diverse healthcare settings, specialising in:

– Stroke rehabilitation
– Musculoskeletal outpatient care
– Child development
– Private physiotherapy services in Aberdeen

Erin focuses on leveraging her experience with individuals of all ages to enhance the physical development and athletic performance of young athletes across various sports disciplines. Erin is dedicated to providing top class children’s physiotherapy in Aberdeen.

Having engaged in competitive sports since youth, from national swimming to Olympic weightlifting, Erin possesses a deep understanding of sports physiotherapy. She excels in providing holistic care tailored to patients’ needs, including injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement strategies.

Committed to continuous professional growth and evidence-based practice, Erin remains proactive in expanding her skills for delivering top-notch care to her patients.

Ready to improve your health? Come and see Erin at our Aberdeen physiotherapy clinic today!

Erin Rafferty